Electric Bikes for Christmas

Electric Bikes for Christmas

Do you remember that feeling as a child when you woke up on Christmas morning to a new bike? For many of us, our first bike was our first taste of independence. A bike takes us much further and faster than we can go on foot. But now we can take this independence up a level, thanks to electric bikes. Electric bikes are much more accessible now, which makes them the perfect gifts for Christmas.

We have put together a list of some fantastic electric bikes that will make it simple and easy to find the perfect electric bike for your loved ones. With this list, you will be able to find the best e-bike for any lifestyle. Your loved ones can once again experience that new bike feeling on Christmas morning.

 🎄 🎄 🎄   Our Pick of The Best Electric Bikes for Christmas  🎄 🎄 🎄

1. For the Girly Girl who loves to post on Instagram

 X-Treme Catalina

Comfort, convenience, and power are the biggest characteristics of the X-Treme Catalina. The 500W motor has all the brawn you need to get where you need to go without breaking a sweat. This motor is powered by a 48V battery that sits perfectly in the downtube for the best aerodynamics.

The step-through frame is made from high quality and lightweight aluminum that already has all the accessories you will possibly need. This bike comes with fenders, a rear rack, a basket, lights, and even a cup-holder, to make your ride as convenient as possible. The big cruiser saddle, suspension fork, and adjustable handlebars make the X-Treme Catalina super comfortable too, allowing you to ride for longer, which is useful as this bike as a potential 70-mile range on a single charge!

2. For those that want to get down and dirty

X-Treme Rocky Road

We all know someone that has an adventurous side. When it comes to cycling, staying on well-known paths is not an option for these people. They need an electric bike that will give them access to new terrain and adventures. This is where the X-Treme Rocky Road comes in. 

  There is nothing like a fat tire electric bike to get you over any terrain, and the X-Treme Rocky Road checks all the boxes for someone that wants a bike that can do it all.

When you are riding rugged terrain on an electric bike, you need power and torque. This bike features a 500W high torque Bafang electric motor, powered by a lightweight lithium 48V battery pack. Combined with the Shimano Altus 9-speed gearing, you will be able to power through the wilderness with ease.

To cope with riding over rough surfaces, you need as much traction as possible. This is where the Rocky Road excels, thanks to its full suspension design and fat tires. The suspension soaks up the bumps keeping the tire in contact with the ground, while the high volume tires allow you to ride over soft surfaces like sand, snow, and deep mud. The combination of squishy tires and suspension also gives you a very comfortable ride.

 As a Christmas gift for the trailblazing adventurer in your life, the X-Treme Rocky Road should be at the top of your list.

 3. For College kids lacking space but needing affordable transportation

The Classic LS 




College is expensive and stressful enough without the worry of not having affordable and reliable transport. Electric bikes are perfect for students to get around on. They are easy to store, give you independence, and are a financially responsible purchase for the long-run. But not everyone wants a bike that is only good for commuting. Some people want a versatile bike to get them from point A to point B during the week. But, when it comes to the weekend, they want to be able to explore off the beaten track.

The Classic LS is an electric city bike that brings you quality components in an affordable package. It is also one of the most useful and safest electric bikes for riding around town.

The low-slung frame makes it easy for you to get on and off the bike, but it is also designed to be foldable. Once folded, it shrinks down to a very manageable size for when it comes to storage or transporting the bike. The rear cargo rack is perfect for carrying everything you need to take to work or to bring your shopping home.

An electric city bike needs to have agile handling, so you can navigate through traffic and pedestrians safely. This is why the Classic LS has 20” wheels fitted with Kenda Mini Fat tires; this combo makes it easy to change direction while giving you plenty of grip.

The Classic LS has a few other features to make it a safe electric bike to ride in the city. It is fitted with a headlight with a built-in electric horn to alert people of your presence. But, the powerful disc brakes with a motor cut-off will bring you to a quick stop in an emergency.

The 350W motor assists your pedaling through a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain. This is powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery to help you ride for up to 40 miles on a single charge.

For an entry-level electric city bike, the Classic LS is an excellent choice for commuters and for anyone that wants a low-cost way of getting around safely.

  Any student with a taste for adventure who also values practicality and sustainability would love to find a Classic LS electric bike squeezed into their Christmas stocking.

 4. FOR THE Less is more enthusiast

GenZe 222


Some people like to keep things simple but stylish. Luckily, there are electric bikes available that are not over the top or covered in features that wont be used. In our opinion, the GenZe 222

With a sleek design, frame integrated battery, and digital LCD display, the GenZe e222 takes your ride experience to the next level.

The GenZe e222 has a step-thru frame making it comfortable and easy to use. Pedal-assist mode helps you get more mileage from every charge. You can take the battery out for convenient and safe charging.

Stay balanced

The integrated battery and balanced frame offers excellent weight distribution. And our rear hub motor gives you a boost from behind, instead of pulling you forward. Backlit LCD screen displays speed, trip distance, odometer, and battery level.

Control your boost

GenZe e-Bikes are available with 350-watt motors. This is the perfect amount of power to coast up hills and steep inclines with less effort, and extend your range. Torque-sensing pedal-assist ensures a smooth and even ride as you push forward with each foot.  Range of up to 50 miles.

Juice up anywhere

Snap the removable and lockable battery in and out for easy charging and security. Plug it into any standard outlet for a boost on the fly. The battery fully charges in just 3.5 hours.

Walk Upstairs with ease

GenZe e-bikes offer a convenient "walk mode" for maneuvering up stairs and steep inclines. When activated, your e-bike will move at a slow and steady pace, keeping you sweat-free. Stairs have never felt so flat.

Bring it on board

Genze ebikes are public transit-friendly, making your trip from home or work to the station smooth and hassle-free.

Keep it Safe

The battery and display are well integrated into the frame, so they’re less prominent to vandals. The battery is also locked, so the key is required to remove it.

 So, if you want to buy someone a well-priced, stylish electric bike for commuting, give Santa a call and tell him to bring a GenZe 222

 5. For the parents that you have a hard time buying for

Elby S-1


Buying Christmas gifts for parents can be a bit tricky. They often have everything they need, or so they think. It is vital for older people to remain active, and an electric bike is a perfect way to do this. E-Bikes for Active Seniors

 The assisted pedaling of electric bikes means that older people can decide how much effort they want to put in. So, which electric bike would we recommend to buy for parents who think they have everything?

 We cannot recommend the Elby S1 single speed bike enough. This electric bike has comfort and ease of use as its primary characteristics. Comfort is established with the long seat post and adjustable stem, allowing you to ride it in the most comfortable position.

 The Elby S1 is easy to use due to its step-through frame, making it effortless to get on and off the bike. But the 500W motor means it is powerful enough to make any urban destination accessible. It makes light of any hill you will come across on your ride.

 A unique feature the Elby S1 has is that when you brake, it recharges the 48V lithium-ion battery. This is something that you would find on electric cars, but this technology has found its way on to the Elby S1 to eliminate range anxiety.

 If you think your parents would benefit from an electric bike for Christmas, the Elby S1 is the perfect gift.

 Are you going to buy someone an electric bike for Christmas?

 Electric bikes make excellent Christmas gifts. They are fun to ride, but they are also extremely useful, practical, and environmentally friendly. They are not just a way of getting to work or to the store, the right bike can give someone independence and help them enjoy their lives. Gifting an electric bike to someone this Christmas will not only give them that new bike feeling, but it will improve their life for years to come.