About Us


We love ebikes! Ebikesplanet.com is a small local family business based in beautiful Temecula California, about an hour North of San Diego.

We've always been a biking family, from riding bikes to school, work, vacation and to just have fun. We ride our bikes to the grocery store, to run errands and even to go on dates! We love being outside and riding bikes is another way we can do that together.

It was pretty easy to fall in love with ebikes. We liked the idea of not only getting to our destination faster, but now we could also go farther and not be a sweaty mess after we got there. There's no question that our ebikes get more use around town than our cars do. We're big campers too and we found ebikes were perfect for discovering a new town or area when we're camping. What's weird, is now we can't imagine our lives without our ebikes!

So, that's our story, we created ebikesplanet.com to share our love of ebikes with all of you. We're passionate about ebikes and work hard to stay on top of all the new features that come out every day, so that we can get you into the perfect ebike. Selecting an ebike can be a little confusing, but rest assured, we're here to answer all of your questions. When you call, a real person answers. When you chat us, a real person chats you back. We're here to help.

We hope you love your ebike as much as we love ours. Thanks for supporting us and let's all get together and ride sometime. See you out there!

- Wes and Courtney