Batteries and Tech

What size Battery do I need?

Most e-bikes have either 24V, 36V or 48V 

The higher the Voltage, the more power your bike will have.

For instance, if you are just using your bike to cruise around town on fairly flat streets and plan to use pedal assist then 24V would suffice.

For more hilly neighborhoods that require you to use more assistance and perhaps the throttle on occasion then you will want a 36-48V battery to insure that you have the range to get you home.

How long does an e bike battery last? 3- 5 years with proper care. Charging to a full capacity is one way you can preserve the life of your battery, also making sure to keep your battery dry and at a certain temperature will ensure long use.

How many watts do I need? 

Well that depends on how long you would like to ride in between charges.

Watts are the capacity of which the battery can maintain.

Most Electric bikes range in watts from 250W-1500W

If you are okay with plugging in your bike frequently ,then 250W-500W will be fine.

If you plan to be biking for long periods of time and not sure that you will be able to charge it somewhere, then a larger battery will work best.

 You should also consider how much assistance you need. If you plan on pedaling with little to moderate amount of assistance than you will use less of the battery as opposed to not pedaling and using the throttle more often, you will blow through the battery a lot faster which will require more frequent charging.

Should I wait for the battery to be empty to charge?

No, you never want your battery to discharge completely.

We suggest changing when your battery is nearly half full.

Can I swap out my battery for a different size?

Some manufacturers do offer interchangeable batteries within their particular line.

For instance, the bike may come with a 36 V battery and you may decide later that you want a 48V. You would have to check with the brands specific bike model to see if they offer the ability to swap it out.

Always check with the brand because some are specific to their brand and cannot be changed with just any e-bike battery.