Buying Guide

First things first. What will you be using your Electric Bike For?

  • Leisure ? Are you looking to simply hop onto a bike and visit your local coffee shop, grab a delicious bagel or perhaps some groceries? If that's what you are looking for well we have the the perfect selection. Click here to browse our cruisers.
  • Commuting to work ? Maybe you have always wanted to ride to work but were afraid that you would show up exhausted and a sweaty mess...We are here to tell you that not only will you be fresh as a daisy when you arrive but you will also be sweat free. So..Ditch the car, get a workout in and help reduce carbon emissions all at the same time. Let's not forget the added benefits of saving money on parking fees, gas and repairs. Click here for our commuter selection.

If you are planning to commute, you will want to consider the size of the battery depending on how many miles you have to travel. You will probably need a rack for your belongings and also consider where you live. For instance if you live in San Francisco you will want to consider a bike with more wattage for climbing steep hills.


  • Looking for a little more adventure? Are you currently a mountain bike enthusiasts that is looking to explore hills and climbs that were maybe a little out of your reach or want to use a little assistance on your active recovery days. We have several to choose from whether you are into hard tails, full suspension or even basic trail bikes , we've got you covered. Click here to check out our mountain electric bike collection.

 Something you may consider when picking a long range mountain bike. You will want to look for high watts, voltage and distance on your battery. Also having multiple speeds should be considered.

  • Sand and Snow bikes AKA Fat Tire Electric bikes are all the rage on the beaches and snow capped mountains. Many beach communities have adopted the fat tire style. They can get you to your perfect surf spot in a jiffy and are strong enough to carry fishing gear and everything you may catch if that's your gig. If you think you can't ride in the snow, think again. We have quite a few super powerful high watt Fat tire electric bikes that will be sure to put a smile on your face and get that adrenalin going. Click here to browse our Fat Tire collection
  •  Classic Step Through frame. These bikes are the most versatile bike you can ask for. Perfect for people who want the ease of mounting the bike with little effort. Maybe you have had a hip replacement or perhaps your a bit on the short side. This type or frame will be perfect for you. Not to mention, they usually come in more of a variety of colors to match your particular style. So if this is what your looking for, Click here to check out our step through collection.
  •  Do you have limited space or are you wanting to travel with your bike ? You should try a folding bike. Just as powerful as a a traditional electric bike but they are more compact when folded so you can shove them in a closet or under a desk. This style is also great if you like to camp and want another form of transportation without hauling a car with your RV or trailer. Fits well inside trailers and instantly becomes the envy of your fellow campers. To browse all of our available folding electric bikes Click Here.

Once you have figured out what style of bike best suits your needs , you'll want to measure your inseam to ensure that you have the correct height. (not needed for step through or folding step through versions) 

See our bike sizing chart at the bottom of our webpage.
If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to call us at
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