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Xtreme E-Bike Lifetime Warranty

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$149.95 - LIFETIME Extended Warranty for Xtreme Electric Bikes: This warranty begins the day after your original manufacturer warranty ends. This warranty will last the ENTIRE life of the bicycle! We will warrant all components of your bicycle to be free of manufacturer defect and workmanship. Batteries warranty will be on a prorated basis, see chart below. Start month is when bicycle is delivered. Tires & Tubes are covered in this warranty! This means if you puncture your tube you are covered! Tires will be replaced when worn or due to manufacturer defect not to exceed one set per year. Tube replacement will remain at X-Treme’s discretion not to exceed sensible amount. Shipping & Handling is not included, beyond the original standard warranty, period and will be the responsibility of the customer. Warranty applies to original bicycle purchaser. Original receipt of purchase required.

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