Dark Gray X2 Electric Scooter by GreenBike
Dark Slate Gray X2 Electric Scooter by GreenBike
Gray X2 Electric Scooter by GreenBike

X2 Electric Scooter by GreenBike

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X2 Electric Scooter

For the easiest way of getting around your local area, you cant beat an electric scooter. The X2 will get you to your destination quickly, thanks to its 350W motor. This will get you up to a maximum of 20mph and has a range of 20 miles on a single charge.

Its integrated front, rear, and sidelights ensure that you are visible as the sun starts to go down. Another safety feature is the powerful electronic brake, which will bring you safely to a stop in an emergency.

The ride quality of the X2 is exceptional, as it is a duel suspension scooter. Also, the 8” inflatable tires add to the supple ride and roll over bumps and small rocks with ease.

Folding the handlebars down makes the X2 compact enough to store it easily, while its lightweight design makes it easy to carry.

The X2 is a high-quality electric scooter that checks all the boxes for a fun, quick and easy way of getting around your local area.


X2 Electric scooter

Warranty: 1 Year

Electronic Details

Motor: 350W gearless brushless motor made by

Battery:  48V with 13Ah 624 Wh lithium battery.

Estimated Charge Time: 3 hours

Range: up to 20 miles on a flat surface (using assist number 1 for up to 144 lb rider)

Display Type: HUGE colorful digital display!

Display Function: Battery Level (5 Bars), 3 Assist Levels,

Scooter Details

Total Weight: 24 lbs.

Frame Type: Aluminum Folding frame

Stem: Tool-Free Adjustable Height

Brakes: Self-charge electronic brakes

Tires:  8″ tires

Frame Dimensions: Unfolded Dimensions: 940mm x 135mm x 1160mm, Folded Dimensions: 945mm x 135mm x 300mm